2 สาวเพื่อนซี้พาเที่ยว เรียลๆ ลุยบ้างชิลบ้าง ฝากด้วยนะคะ
Two girls around the world 🙂




IG: @Fern_Natcha

  • Business: facebook.com/itsbangbangbkk or http://www.itsbangbang.com
  • Outdoor and adventure enthusiasts
  • Interest covers tech, gadgets, photography, video-editing and UX/UI design.


IG: @Lilly_Ravisara

  • Avid world traveler
  • Been to more than 100+ countries and lived in four cities in three continents
  • Interest covers photography, writing, equestrian and food, especially, fine cuisines
  • Currently studying PhD in London, UK
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