Ep. Mauritius Vlog (TH/ENG)

Ep. Seychelles Vlog (TH/ENG)

EP. South Africa & Lesotho (Part 1/3 TH/ENG)

Ep. Iran (video TH/ENG)

Ep. Lake Baikal (Video)

Ep. Svalbard (Video)

Ep. Egypt (TH/ENG Video)

EP. Kenya (TH/ENG Video)

EP. Madagascar (Eng sub Video)

EP. Rinjani + Subwing (Video)

ขับ 4×4 นอนบนรถ | Roadtrip Namibia (Video TH/EN)

Roadtrip in Jordan (Video)

100 hrs on the world’s longest railway line! (Video)

Ep. Mongolia (Video TH/ENG)

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